Writing creative content in simple & easy steps

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Writing creative content in simple & easy steps

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Writing creative content articles is one of the methods of working on the Internet, and it is one of the best ways to promote services indirectly. also, It is a good investment if you have the ability & talent in writing.

Usually, website owners search for good and exclusive content and try to write in a creative way, therefore, it is possible to get benefit from writing your special articles on sites that allow this, whether Arabic or foreign and at the same time your article can be used as an excellent way to market your products and services or the products and services of others in return for a commission.

So you have to follow these steps to insure get a higher result:

1. Determine the main idea of the subject

Before writing your article you have to think about the idea you are going to build the article on, “such as talking about a common issue for example” and trying to find solutions to it “creative content”

2. draw attention

the beginning of your article is the key to attract readers attention, as this step ensures that the reader will stay to read the article till the end of it, and that must be in an ideal way and with impressive ideas for the reader, and the first step to attract the reader to the article is the title.

3. Write as if you were speaking to someone in front of you

The best way when you write the article is to feel that you are writing for only one person, just like what I do with you now, so that every reader feels that the article is directed to him, this makes the reader eager to read your article from beginning to end.

4. Keeping the logic of essay and sequence of ideas

Do not move from one idea to another suddenly, each paragraph must connect to the other in a logical way, although it is possible to have different ideas from one paragraph to another, it must be there a sequence and compatibility of paragraphs and ideas.

5. Quote the popular thoughts or words about famous writers in your field to support your ideas

This way helps you to clarify your point of view and also support honesty in your article in general.

6. Keeping paragraphs short and clear

The ideal paragraph consists of 4-6 lines and it is enough to clarify your idea to the reader, and it prevents the reader from feeling that the article is long or boring.

7. Don’t forget to write your contact information at the end of the article

if you are writing to advertise yourself or to link your website or to invite readers to contact you and visit your site or the link that you want to promote you have to write you contact information

always remember that choosing an attractive and interesting title plays a vital and effective role to attracts the readers.

So here, I finished what I want to say.
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