The comprehensive guide to entering the SEO world


The comprehensive guide to entering the SEO world

SEO is the first step for the success of your site and your business, “but” the beginning of what SEO is the abbreviation of “why” and “what” means!!
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SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization

It is a tool that aims to attract visitors in an organic way to a specific site. Through a set of technologies that make websites appear on the top Google results page when someone searches.

How “search” in Google works:

In a very simple way, Google seeks to provide answers to their user questions.

How does Googlebot or Google Spiders work?

Google has an intelligence thing known as “GoogleBot”, which is a program that performs the entire survey process in your data bank to organize and provide important results.

GoogleBot” works through three stages:

  1. Tracking: Google’s robot browses through the data bank, searching through new and old pages.

2. Browsing: At this stage, Googlebot will evaluate the information it has deleted. Based on the criteria set by Google engineers, the robot will determine which pages are the most important of all of those pages.

3. Publishing: Google’s robot displays the results to the user. And the important part is that this whole process can happen in tenths of a second.

Classification factors in Google:

1- Content

The content answers the questions of the user who is searching, so this is the first and most important factor that must be analyzed by Google when choosing the best results. It is essential for your content to be important, and the most comprehensive and complete for the user in order to answer his questions.

2- Back-links

Backlinks are created when other sites refer to your site for reference on a specific topic. For Google, if a website trusts and refers to you, this is because you are a true specialist on a particular topic, and Google takes this aspect into consideration when it presents the results to users.

It should be noted that Google also takes the quality of these links into consideration.

3- RankBrain algorithm

The “RankBrain algorithm” analyzes user interaction overall, and results are presented based on the context of the search, not just based on the keyword in the search. It can provide an important result to the user.

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